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What Will Our Future Workwear Clothes Look Like?

As a renowned retailer of workwear clothes and workwear pants, we are always strategising about how our hardworking clients will want us to be sourcing in the future.

Our global industry peers agreed that it is interesting to debate what workwear will be made by 2035. MIT Technology Review did an unfiltered, extensive collation of studies and projected 2 billion jobs would become extinct exoskeleton and +/- 1 billion new ones will be created.

Of course, there are counter-arguments, but it’s good to have the discussion. What will workwear look like? Like today, the type of work will define the workwear clothes but will have wearable tech from Smart Suits to Exo-Suits.

Specialist clothing researchers are talking of nanotechnology fabrics (already happening) and E-Textiles.

The Unsmart Casual

Millennials and a portion of Gen X are staunch casual workwear advocates. They want clothes that are tough, protective, eco-friendly, comfortable, stylish and suitable for different occasions during their full days.

Already, today we are finding that people in suit-orientated jobs are wearing suits that are made of yoga pants fabric and running sportswear fabric. People in law, politics and finance positions are candidates for this as they are a long way off from wearing cargo work pants and comfortable shoes to work.

Wear Your Suit On The Outside

For the non-law/politics/finance people, the future of workwear is very cool. Some of the future is here already in places like Ford automotive manufacturing. The staff at Ford wear exoskeleton vests on four different continents. This has brought about an 83% drop in worker injuries and a 90% drop in ergonomic stress trauma. Repetitive work productivity has increased by up to 300%.

It doesn’t matter if you will be building storage units on Mars, laying plumbing on the moon or routing fibre-optics, your workwear clothes and mens work pants will be high tech. Perhaps you will be strapping on your rocket exoskeleton and zooming off to work.

We will continue enjoying the thoughts of what high tech and gadget-interfaced workwear clothing and FXD work pants we will source for you in the future.  In the interim, we will continue finding the best current styles that you all love and rely on to take you from work to sunset drinks or the movies.

For your current, non-exoskeleton workwear clothing and pants for your daily business contact StitchEm today. Whether it’s Polos, T-Shirts, Business Shirts, Polar Fleece, Jackets, FXD Workwear, FXD Pants, Hivis, Safety Boots, Headwear or customised promotional products, we have the solution for your brand.

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