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Where Does The Name Cargo Pants Come From?

Cargo pants are not the brainchild of a designer in the 1990s. They are the brainchild of the military in the 1930s!

Their standard colour used to be khaki and easily distinguishable by their couple, or more, pockets around the thighs and sometimes the calves. These pockets are larger than normal, which are fantastic for carrying all sorts of things.

The front pockets are deep as well as the back pockets. The pockets have pleats to allow expansion for bigger items.

They once did not to have buttons but velcro or zips with snaps for final closure instead.

What Is Their Origin?

Not surprisingly the super stylish British military personnel first wore cargo work pants in 1938. They were a component of Battle Dress Uniforms, and the two pockets were not aligned. One pocket was on the side thigh, and one was on the front hip. The US military first introduced them as a uniform component in the 1940s. Paratroopers’ were originally the only ones who had side pockets.

Fashion Follows Function

It is believed that hip-hop street performers first wore cargo pants in the 1990s and the pants were soon in nearly every man and woman’s closet. Some pockets were utilitarian. Some were decorative details.

Fashion Took It Further

The canvas fabric was replaced by beautiful linens, silks, human-made fibres with versions for women displaying ribbon trim or rhinestones. The cargo pocket travelled even further and popped up on clothing everywhere: jeans, shirt sleeves, jacket sleeves, babygrows, skirts, shorts, and capri pants.

And Now Today…

Cargo pants are virtually a standard globally for casual wear. Whether it’s a barbeque with Dad using his cargo pocket to hold a beer or a Tradie coming down from a blood-chilling high rise fibre installation with cargo pockets filled with critical equipment, you will see cargo pants every day. The military, security, medical, arts and the Tradie industry all rely heavily on this iconic piece of workwear. Men and women use work cargo pants and work cargo shorts to make their lives easier and to allow a transition into some after-work activities.

We hope this overview of cargo work pants for men and women, and the adaption to cargo work shorts and fashionable cargo skirts and shirts, has been interesting.

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