Workwear Jeans

Effortless style that works hard, day or night.

Tradies need options when it comes to workwear jeans – if you want to work in jeans, it’s because you are style-conscious, but you still want a tough, hard-working pair of workwear pants. That’s where we can help you with carefully selected work jeans.

Work jeans not only take a huge dose of bashing, compared to regular fashion jeans, they’re also light years ahead in comfort! They are engineered to bend, kneel, climb, brush against things, hold heavy items, and cope with sweating. Not only are they breathable, durable and windproof, but you can also get waterproof options too. They won’t bind, rub, pinch, constrict, scratch or rip.

The most vital requirement is to maintain complete safety in difficult working conditions. Durable and tough, our range of workwear pants gives you extra layers of protection against occupational hazards.

Additionally, with our ranges on offer, they look good too.

A cargo pants style of work jeans is a fashionable variation of workwear jeans. They have large easy access pockets on the thighs and can be loose-fitting or slim fit.

All our workwear pants have deep pockets for tools, keys, phones, laser measures, or a peak cap, and they have industrial strength zipper closures, belt loops and carabiner loops.

As a tradie, farmhand or mechanic,  you will be bending, squatting and maybe scrambling. This wears out the knee areas of regular pants, but our ranges have double knee protection. Some are stylish, contrasting patches and others are discreetly stitched with the same fabric. They are either in the inside of the leg at the knee area, or a longer patch on the outside, from mid-thigh to mid-shin.

Whatever your work and whatever your choice of Stitchem workwear jeans, our workwear will outwork you.

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