Outfits That Work On-Site & In Client Meetings

As an entrepreneurial Tradie, you probably have the challenge of sometimes needing to hop between work on a site and looking prime and proper in a client meeting. To get this right, you need Tradie pants and tops that work in both situations.

Safety, durability, work efficiency and comfort are far more important as a Tradie but there is a way to strike a balance. Here are our tips:

It’s All About The Fit 

Fit is important with clothing at all times, but even more so when you have a specific objective. Your Tradie pants need to be able to carry tools, withstand abrasions and facilitate movement, and your shirt should withstand snags and look good in a meeting.

When choosing items from the premium brands that we stock, you can find a fit that ‘fits’ the meeting look with fabric and stitching that suits Tradie work needs.

Yes, the overall look will be more rugged and durable versus a full-blown office outfit, but if you choose trim, stretch fabric and fitted work pants, for example, you still achieve a more elegant look.

Work Boots

Your work environment might necessitate the wearing of steel cap boots. It is always smart to invest in tough, well-made, comfortable, work-appropriate boots. Leather looks smarter than canvas, and you can protect them with a leather sealer and regular full conditioning.

A number of Tradies choose to store a second pair of shoes in their ute which they slip into for a meeting, leaving the grubby boots out of sight.

Tradie Work Pants 

The anchor items for your site-to-meeting outfit will be fitted pants, jeans or cargo pants with a dark coloured shirt and leather boots.

The leg of your fitted work pants can be straight or tapered and mustn’t be too long to cause lots of pooling at the ankle due to extra length bunching up on the top of your foot. That is sloppy. Stretch is always a great option for fitting well whilst maintaining comfort.

Work Shirts 

The dark coloured shirt or polo is a younger, sharper look especially if it is trim fitting. Avoid an oversized, flapping tent as a shirt. It is best if the sleeve length ends midway along your upper arm.

Jacket, Vest Or Coat 

A solid-colour sports coat is far more elegant than a work coat but doesn’t look like a suit jacket. If that is still too ‘over the top’ for your kind of work, then choose a fitted leather jacket or a quilted vest.

Now you have some guidelines on Tradie outfits, there is no excuse for not looking your best in that new project client meeting. Seal the deal!

Order your fitted, stretch fabric Tradie pants and cargo pants today from Stitchem here.

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Logo Placement On Black Work Pants & Tops: A Guide

Branding your work pants, tops and uniforms is a great marketing idea. Branded clothing makes a significant impact on the clients that you or your team meet. Choosing black work pants as the base colour is a great option to make your logo stand out more. Branding work apparel enhances staff engagement and looks very professional, so getting the logo position right is important. Here is a guide to assist you.

Logos On Button-Up Shirts

Classic button-up shirts are a smart look with long sleeves and a versatile shirt with short sleeves. Logo placement, which is usually embroidered on these shirts, is frequently on a front pocket, front collar section or top left or right front section below collar bone level. A sleeve position is also a great option and can be quite unique. If your brand is bold, you can also print across the entire chest area or the entire upper back area, on the upper right or upper left arms or the cuffs.

Logos On Polo Shirts 

A great smart casual option, polo shirts work well for both genders. Good positions for logos on polo shirts are the front of either sleeve, near the band. The top left or right of the front of the shirt also works well ‒ line it up with the button portion of the top. If placed on the back, position it just below the collar.

Logos On Jumpers

The position options are versatile for jumpers and hoodies. The front, back or sleeves are feasible, but also consider the upper sleeves and back or on the front panel just below the collar. Alternatively, you can experiment with a jumper and try a whacky position if appropriate for your brand’s character.

Logos On Black Work Pants, Shorts And Skirts 

You need to consider whether your uniform shirt is a tuck-in shirt, as this will impact the logo position. Front left/right or back left/right above the pocket works for tucked in, otherwise consider below the pocket, along the skirt or shorts hem or down the side of one leg of the black work pants.

Browse our shop for your black work pants and contact us to discuss your logo placement. Our in-house team is available to assist you with options and give you advice based on decades of experience.


What Is PPE And Who Pays For It?

In the world of Tradies, there is a heap of acronyms for everything from the unimportant to the important. One of those is PPE – personal protective equipment, and another is PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking). If you are starting out in the industry, you will need to invest in workwear to various degrees, and you might want to know who foots the bill when you buy workwear clothes online.

Start compiling your basket of workwear requirements here.

Let’s start with defining PPE.

What Is PPE?

The term personal protective equipment comprises anything used or worn to protect a person’s health and safety. Items that fall under this heading include, but are not limited to:

  • protective boots and safety shoes
  • earplugs
  • face masks, face shields and respirators
  • protective gloves and goggles
  • hard hats
  • high visibility clothing
  • safety harnesses
  • sunscreen
  • risk management

The model Work And Healthy Safety regulations stipulate that business owners work through risk control measures from high to low when managing their business risk. The regulation ranks PPE as a very low-level safety control measure, viz. level 3, which is a measure that cannot control the hazard at the source.

Level 3 control measures are depending on human behaviour and supervision. PPE cannot be relied on to resolve the control of hazards.

PPE Responsible Parties

PCBUs are legally required to firstly remove risk from a workplace, but if that is not possible, then they put risk control measures in place. These controls may include PPE as a last resort or as an additional control.

It is important for workers to note that they are legally required to be part of the choice process of PPE. The PPE must be reasonably practical, and wearers, where necessary, must be supplied with information or training in the proper use, storage, and maintenance of it.

The PCBU is responsible for providing PPE unless another company, e.g. a labour-hire company, has already provided it. The PCBU must provide and pay for clothing and equipment that are PPE, but a worker’s regular pants, jeans or regular workwear are not generally considered PPE. Protective clothing and equipment examples are items such as boots, safety shoes, and high visibility clothing.

There are responsibilities that fall onto workers as well. Workers are, under regulation 46, legally obliged to:

  • Use or wear the PPE as per the information, training, or instructions provided by the PCBU.
  • Not knowingly abuse or misuse the equipment or workwear.
  • Notify the PCBU of any damage, defect, or sanitation requirements of the equipment.
  • Notify the PCBU if the equipment is uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or is causing an adverse reaction.

A worker may not refuse to wear or use the PPE.

Contact our workwear clothes specialists online today about choosing the most suitable gear for your workday from quality brands in Sydney.

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Hard work is a common phrase in the life of a Tradie – site work, client wrangling, logistics, crew management, and the dreaded admin are only a few factors. But you also need to factor in time for socialising, family or hobbies. Unlike office workers, Tradies can’t always slip seamlessly from an office into an after-hours sundowner scenario. What could make that sundowner more feasible is the purchase of workwear jeans and a commitment to social appointments.

Have a look at workwear jeans available today.

Socialising, family time, and developing hobbies are important parts of an improved work-life balance that will increase your levels of happiness levels and job satisfaction.

What Is Work-life Balance?

Work-life balance has grown in importance over recent years as people see the negative effects of a poor work-life balance. Countless work surveys confirmed again and again that workers felt they were under perpetual stress from an “always-on” working culture. This is particularly prevalent for Tradies and entrepreneurs.

You may feel obliged to check every phone message constantly or answer every email before your go to bed.

This is unrealistic, and more and more wellness and business consultants are recommending a more concerted effort at getting the balance right. Here are their tips:

Smarter Admin

Every small business owner will benefit from smarter billing, invoicing, and accounting. There are bank apps and other affordable tools available to manage accounts, billing, and invoicing. Consultants recommend allocating time to implementing tools that will reduce your intensive involvement in admin – even if it means a few weeks of apologising to clients for delays.

Fun Exercise

The experts recommend exercise even if you’re a Tradie who has been lifting heavy equipment or materials all day. It doesn’t have to be eye-busting, exhausting cross-fit training, it can be playing with kids in the pool, walking in nature, or playing some social football with your mates.

It apparently will take your mind off of work and allow an important mental and physical rejuvenation.

Switch Off

This recommendation apparently can initially cause a stressful reaction from Tradies and entrepreneurs as technology (read: smartphones) are so integral to our lives.

After work, arrive at your social event or your home and switch off your phone – consider a separate work and personal phone. Keep your personal phone off during sports events, cultural events, or your kid’s sports game. This apparently helps you to psychologically switch off to.

Make appointments to meet with friends socially and switch off from work. You have smart casual workwear jeans so you can easily transition from the project to a casual celebration with friends.

It is recommended you set clear “off-hours” and create clear boundaries between work and leisure. This apparently will give you a better ability to manage stress and contributes to better sleep.

Start by making socialising easier during the weekdays. Order your workwear jeans today.

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Make Every Step Count With FXD Boots

Looking for a reliable, comfortable pair of boots that can handle anything life and work throws at them? FXD workwear is well-known for its high-quality workwear apparel, and their boots are also a firm favourite among most of NSW’s workforce. With many work environments exposing workers to hazardous materials, slippery surfaces and high-impact scenarios, you need a pair of boots that will keep you safe and working confidently. The risk of onsite injury is always a possibility to bear in mind, and your uniform needs to keep you as protected as possible without sacrificing comfort. FXD takes it a step further by marrying highly functional and practical workwear designs with a modern and stylish appearance, making it easy to work hard while looking and feeling great.

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