What’s All The Buzz About Bisley?

Australia’s workwear clothing industry has grown and grown as the country’s economy has expanded over the decades. A reliable Australian brand, Bisley, has been putting protective gear on Australia’s men and women for nearly 60 years. They continually re-engineer fabrics and manufacturing processes underpinned with community-focused ideals of quality, exceptional service, and value.

Bisley is labelled as a market leader of Workwear clothes. They have a fiercely loyal following of clients who value the most reliable and honest products that Bisley produces. They produce a vast, complex range of workwear, safety wear and protective wear for the millions of Australia’s hard-working citizens.

The brand has a quote that resonates well with the Tradies industry:

“We value integrity, so we do what we say we’re going to do, on time and on budget”.

Bisley’s Quality Strategy

The manufacturing and assessments are not done on gut feel and ‘nice to haves’. Bisley partners with the biggest and best independent testing laboratories in Australia. They work relentlessly to develop, test, redesign and retest their garments, chasing the latest innovative technologies. That’s how they can give you the highest quality workwear, work pants, work tops and safety wear and protective wear for men and women.

New Ideas For New Generations

In Bisley workwear’s rich history of 60 years, the products have been re-engineered into new and innovative workwear as jobs have developed new and innovated needs. The garments stand up to strict quality standards, and their family keeps a very close watch on it as that’s their family reputation going out there.

The Bisley family continually refers to the inspiration they receive from the Australian worker.  They bend over backwards to make workwear that matches their customers’ efforts while providing the right amount of style and safety. Functionality does NOT destroy form in their fast, complex range.

One of their newest innovations are garments with inbuilt anti-bacterial treatment, sun protection, insect barriers, static control, moisture control, and flame and water resistance. That is a serious amount of “extra kit.”

They build clothes to get the job done and work as hard as you do in some of the world’s most challenging conditions and beat the pants off the competition.

The High Values Of The Bisley Family

All this toughness does come with a softer side. Bisley Workwear has a 5-year Target Plan to achieve its sustainable and environmental goals. The exciting news is that they will be implementing sustainable fabrics as soon as the relentless durability and robustness tests are finished. Another impressive project they have is recycling used Bisley garments into new Bisley Garments!

Bisley aims to protect people through their Modern Slavery Statement and Policy, kicking slavery out of their supply chain. They even voluntarily submit a Modern Slavery statement to the Federal Government. The buck stops with Bisley!

If you want the assurance of a Bisley level protection from your black work pants, then contact StitchEm today. You will love the workwear that outworks you while gently protecting the planet!

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