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Workwear Work Shorts For Men

Choosing workwear, like work shorts, is a smart choice for Tradies, contractors, construction professionals and people working on farms and in the agricultural industry. Instead of unsuitable fashion options, choose quality, durability and efficiency from the selection of work shorts in the diverse ranges below.

Men’s Work Shorts Vs. Trousers

The choice between trousers and men’s work shorts is subject to your personal choice but sometimes can be site-specific if you are working on a large site managed by a principal contractor. In that instance, check if the construction site’s health and safety requirements are for full-length pants or if work shorts are a permitted option. Usually, when peak summer arrives, it is advisable to protect those lilly-whites with some long trousers for outdoor work. The rest of the year, and for indoor work, men’s work shorts are a perfect option giving you comfort and efficiency. Added to this, you enjoy durable fabric, deep pockets, ease of movement, fire-resistant fabric and great aesthetics.

PPE requirements

The minimum PPE requirements are:

  • a hard hat to protect your neck, eyes and head from any hazardous scrapes, bumps or impacts.
  • high-visibility clothing with luminous yellow and orange to make you visible to moving machinery or other workers.
  • steel toe cap boots to protect you from falling objects, heavy machinery, ankle twists and penetration through the sole.

Add your work shorts to the above items, and you are ready to go.

Choose from our diverse range of quality, durable, good looking men’s work shorts in Sydney today!