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The range of workwear and men’s work shorts that we supply for our Tradies in Sydney has the combined heritage of hundreds of years. Over the years, each brand has tirelessly researched, designed and tested fabrics, cuts and styles to protect the Tradies they respect so much while ensuring comfort and style.

The eponymous Hard Yakka (Yagara for hard work – first recorded in 1840 ) was formally established in 1936, and the apparel has been part of many projects that exist today in Sydney as well as supplying the commonwealth games. Another household brand, Kinggee (apparently named after King George V, and meaning ‘tops’ or ‘the best’), was formally established in 1926 and not only has protected millions of Tradies but the armed forces in WWII. You can be sure of solid quality, durability and enduring, classic styling. From lightweight cargo shorts to canvas, ventilated or basic stretch shorts, you know your choice has worked with Tradies for a hundred years.

The ‘new kid on the block’ is FXD Workwear, established in 2012 when they saw the need to create a more smart-casual look that can transition from site to socialising. A smart look that was a smart move. Their brand has soared in popularity – from stretch-fit jeans and trousers to stretch-fit cargo shorts and loose fit. Originally, producers of street clothing, they researched and supplied cutting-edge, hi-tech fabrics in trendy styles that are utilitarian in use with great aesthetics.

Winning Spirit brand supplies our sports shorts using a new fabric brand called CoolDry®  and the Australian Industrial Workwear AIW brand. The CoolDry® is great for sports because the yarn and weave wicks away moisture and dries quickly, giving you the benefit of cotton and polyester simultaneously. Comfortable, fast-drying, anti-wrinkle and anti-static shorts that are smooth to the touch, lightweight, breathable and can be thrown in the wash at home for simple care.

For the widest range in workwear shorts, you are in the right place. Enduring classic styles, contemporary smart-casual that will be suitable for after-work drinks and sport choices for that social kick-about at the local club – we have it all.

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If you are looking for FXD Workwear or FXD Workwear in Sydney, then Stitchem, located in Gladesville, has everything you need at the most competitive prices. FXD pants, shorts and FXD boots for men and women, we have it all.

Pop some style into your shopping cart from our range FXD Workwear for sale. Choose shorts, black pants, trousers, boots, socks and for men and women!

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