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Logo Placement On Black Work Pants & Tops: A Guide

Branding your work pants, tops and uniforms is a great marketing idea. Branded clothing makes a significant impact on the clients that you or your team meet. Choosing black work pants as the base colour is a great option to make your logo stand out more. Branding work apparel enhances staff engagement and looks very professional, so getting the logo position right is important. Here is a guide to assist you.

Logos On Button-Up Shirts

Classic button-up shirts are a smart look with long sleeves and a versatile shirt with short sleeves. Logo placement, which is usually embroidered on these shirts, is frequently on a front pocket, front collar section or top left or right front section below collar bone level. A sleeve position is also a great option and can be quite unique. If your brand is bold, you can also print across the entire chest area or the entire upper back area, on the upper right or upper left arms or the cuffs.

Logos On Polo Shirts 

A great smart casual option, polo shirts work well for both genders. Good positions for logos on polo shirts are the front of either sleeve, near the band. The top left or right of the front of the shirt also works well ‒ line it up with the button portion of the top. If placed on the back, position it just below the collar.

Logos On Jumpers

The position options are versatile for jumpers and hoodies. The front, back or sleeves are feasible, but also consider the upper sleeves and back or on the front panel just below the collar. Alternatively, you can experiment with a jumper and try a whacky position if appropriate for your brand’s character.

Logos On Black Work Pants, Shorts And Skirts 

You need to consider whether your uniform shirt is a tuck-in shirt, as this will impact the logo position. Front left/right or back left/right above the pocket works for tucked in, otherwise consider below the pocket, along the skirt or shorts hem or down the side of one leg of the black work pants.

Browse our shop for your black work pants and contact us to discuss your logo placement. Our in-house team is available to assist you with options and give you advice based on decades of experience.

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