Outfits That Work On-Site & In Client Meetings

As an entrepreneurial Tradie, you probably have the challenge of sometimes needing to hop between work on a site and looking prime and proper in a client meeting. To get this right, you need Tradie pants and tops that work in both situations.

Safety, durability, work efficiency and comfort are far more important as a Tradie but there is a way to strike a balance. Here are our tips:

It’s All About The Fit 

Fit is important with clothing at all times, but even more so when you have a specific objective. Your Tradie pants need to be able to carry tools, withstand abrasions and facilitate movement, and your shirt should withstand snags and look good in a meeting.

When choosing items from the premium brands that we stock, you can find a fit that ‘fits’ the meeting look with fabric and stitching that suits Tradie work needs.

Yes, the overall look will be more rugged and durable versus a full-blown office outfit, but if you choose trim, stretch fabric and fitted work pants, for example, you still achieve a more elegant look.

Work Boots

Your work environment might necessitate the wearing of steel cap boots. It is always smart to invest in tough, well-made, comfortable, work-appropriate boots. Leather looks smarter than canvas, and you can protect them with a leather sealer and regular full conditioning.

A number of Tradies choose to store a second pair of shoes in their ute which they slip into for a meeting, leaving the grubby boots out of sight.

Tradie Work Pants 

The anchor items for your site-to-meeting outfit will be fitted pants, jeans or cargo pants with a dark coloured shirt and leather boots.

The leg of your fitted work pants can be straight or tapered and mustn’t be too long to cause lots of pooling at the ankle due to extra length bunching up on the top of your foot. That is sloppy. Stretch is always a great option for fitting well whilst maintaining comfort.

Work Shirts 

The dark coloured shirt or polo is a younger, sharper look especially if it is trim fitting. Avoid an oversized, flapping tent as a shirt. It is best if the sleeve length ends midway along your upper arm.

Jacket, Vest Or Coat 

A solid-colour sports coat is far more elegant than a work coat but doesn’t look like a suit jacket. If that is still too ‘over the top’ for your kind of work, then choose a fitted leather jacket or a quilted vest.

Now you have some guidelines on Tradie outfits, there is no excuse for not looking your best in that new project client meeting. Seal the deal!

Order your fitted, stretch fabric Tradie pants and cargo pants today from Stitchem here.

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