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Protecting Our Tradie Men & Women With FXD Style!

At Stitchem, we love our customers and are always looking for new items to protect you, enhance your workday and, most importantly, make you look stylish! FXD women and men’s work pants are one of our cool ranges that you can strut your stuff in.

To strut, though, you can’t be injured, and we want to remind our tenacious customers to protect their bodies and keep them comfortable as much as we do! Here’s a tip that we often overlook when in a rush – lifting properly.

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Protecting For Lift-Off Wearing FXD Women’s Work Pants!

FXD workwear and women’s work pants are designed-for-purpose – to work with you when you are bending, lifting, stretching and crawling through gaps. The FXD design team have thought of everything. Now it’s up to you to take the protection to the next level.

Back injuries are common with our Tradie customers and, mostly, they don’t arrive overnight. Your health and safety officer will tell you that they develop over time with regular abuse from manual labour, repeated actions, heavy loads, poor posture and lack of exercise. Bad lifting technique is the biggest culprit.

The symptoms might be a dull throb, sharp pain, stiffness, numbness or tingling. Don’t get caught out with a back hindrance; it will affect your productivity and your quality of life.

The Lifting Tip – We’ve Got Your Back!

Right, so now it’s time for the lifting tip. We know you know this, but we all need reminders, and today is as good a time as any! Let’s start:

  1. Use your leg muscles and bend your knees. Wear knee braces if you have sore knee joints. Our extra-wide FXD men and women’s work pants can easily accommodate them.
  2. Use your butt muscles with your legs when standing up and picking up an object from the floor level.
  3. Plants your heels firmly on the ground and push through them.
  4. Keep your back straight throughout. It must not do any lifting.
  5. Don’t pivot to place the item in the new position. Use your feet even if it’s a shuffle.
  6. Put the item down using legs, knees and butt again. Straight back, bend at the hip. Your FXD workwear is designed to accommodate these movements.
  7. Don’t try to be superman with the weight.
  8. Don’t do lifts after sitting or bending for long periods.
  9. Reduce carrying time.
  10. Preferably use equipment.
  11. Exercise regularly, including stretching and core muscle work.

Summary tip: Picture yourself like a world champion weightlifter – straight back, butt muscles engaged (your strongest muscle), knees bent, bent at the hip and driving the lifting force through their heels.

Maybe leave out the roaring and grunting for now!

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