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Top Tips For Your Blundstone Boots

Whether you are shopping for your first pair of Blundstone boots in Sydney or already on your second pair, knowing how to take care of them can lengthen their lifespan. Workwear is usually an investment for most tradies, keeping you protected and comfortable on-site throughout the day.

These are four practical tips to help you keep them in excellent condition and ensure they are long-lasting.

Have Dedicated Storage 

Having a space in your home for your work boots is always recommended. Trudging along dirt and debris from the site throughout your home is not only messy but can also be unhygienic too. More than that, storage can play an important role in lengthening the lifespan of your boots. Leather and suede boots need to be placed in a well-ventilated space, out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources. It is also worth noting that you should ensure the space is clean and clear so that pests do not find the area inviting to burrow in.

Never DIY Cleaning Agents 

It is always advised to use recommended cleaning solutions on your shoes and, if you are unsure, to seek an expert opinion. Trying to make DIY solutions with pantry ingredients or household cleaning products is never a good idea. You can end up damaging your boots’ materials, causing them to deteriorate in the future and compromise their durability, which can become problematic on the job.

Consider Drying Times 

When cleaning your shoes, you must take into consideration how long they will take to dry. Trying to force this or speed it up with artificial heat sources, leaving them in the sun or near a fire can lead to damage. Leather can crack and even shrink under these conditions. Regardless of the material, you should always dry your pair in a well-ventilated room, naturally.

Do Not Delay Cleaning 

While Blundstone boots are made for hard-wearing, it is important not to delay cleaning to keep them in prime condition. Spillages and or construction materials such as wet cement can cause serious deterioration; therefore, it is best not to ignore this. Liquids can be absorbed, so cleaning them up should never be put off. Your shoes can deteriorate and quickly too.

A quick wipe-down is simply not enough when it comes to your Blundstone boots, especially if you intend to preserve the shoes for years to come. And caring for your boots extends beyond just cleaning them when they get muddy; there are other factors to consider if you want to make them a worthwhile investment.

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