Maintaining Your Black Workwear

Tradies have always been associated with being unkempt. Muddy shoes, faded black work pants and torn clothing usually accompany this perception. But many of us these days are changing this narrative with clean workwear and neat appearances because we understand that our clothes not only reflect our brand identity, they also convey our professionalism to clients and potential customers.

Stitchem shares a few practical tips to help you keep your black workwear darker for longer to help you look more put together.

Follow The Instructions 

Many of us fail to read through the instructions sewn onto our regular garments, but this is essential when it comes to our workwear. Incorrect washing, drying and storage can lead to damaged garments and that can affect you on the job. It can even lead to you spending more than you had initially anticipated on a new pair of work pants.

The instructions can give you more insight into what manufacturers recommend for wash times, the temperature of the water and best drying suggestions. It can also warn you against harmful chemicals or even using a dryer or iron.

Change Up Your Washing Routine 

Once you have read through the instructions, it is important to change your current washing routine to preserve your black workwear. You may find that you need to use a specific brand of washing powders and fabric softeners or use different cycle times compared to your regular clothing.

Separate And Sort 

Although you may separate your normal wear by colours or fabrics, you may be under the assumption that your workwear can all be washed together. It is important to wash your work clothing separately from other garments and also to sort them by colour. This will prevent colours from transferring during the cycle.

Dry Carefully 

You should dry your workwear according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but keep in mind that air-drying black clothes should be away from direct sunlight. This can lead to them quickly fading due to the excessive heat and make them look dull over time.

Keeping our clothes in excellent condition can be a tough task due to the type of work many of us engage in as tradies. Moreso, our clothing can tend to fade quickly and leave us looking more untidy than we would like to appear to be.

Stitchem stocks a large range of high-quality workwear, such as black work pants, that will leave you looking professional on every job. Shop with us today.

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