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Do I Really Need Ankle Protection At Work?

The average John Citizen clocks up to five thousand steps daily, which is about four kilometres. For tradies, this number will be much higher and the majority will occur on a risky building site. So do you need ankle protection by Blundstone boots as a Sydney tradie?

Let’s look at any potential risks to your feet and ankles to help you make this decision.

Injuries At Work

Research done by labour departments shows that up to 40% of injuries (including sickness) affect the hands and feet of workers. The second level of research indicates that, on average, each incident results in just over a month’s sick leave away from work. Sprains, strains and tears resulted in an average of ten days of sick leave away from work.

An interesting outcome of the research was that foot protection was frequently overlooked. In many outdoor working conditions, and especially in the construction industry, there are always irregular, different ground levels, debris and intrusions into your chosen walking direction.

With this daily reality, quality, robust boots with ankle protection are a prudent choice. They will save you from twisted ankles, torn ligaments and strained joints. In addition to protection, you need comfort because your feet are possibly the hardest working part of your body ‒ and tired feet make productivity and concentration difficult.

Boot Construction

A boot is comprised of specifically designed components that each have a role to play in offering you protection and comfort. Ankle support will enhance your balance through the structure, lacing and padding. The careful design will avoid pain and rubbing. The boot’s weight is also important as weighty boots become tiresome to wear. The design strategy continues into the inner and outer soles.

Boot Protection

Blundstone boots have an excellent history in Sydney for protecting our hard-working feet from:

  • Crushings
  • Broken tarsal and metatarsal bones
  • Amputations of digits
  • Amputations of feet

One of the riskier decisions to make is to choose cost over comfort and protection, which is a short-lived boot relationship. That will soon result in a follow-up purchase of a quality, value-for-money pair of boots. Blundstone fans will tell you frankly what they value about the style of boot they choose to use throughout their work life.

We recommend you look for these qualities in a boot:

  • Puncture-resistant soles and outers
  • Deep treads or oil-resistance
  • Steel or cap toes

Lastly, we remind you to look carefully at where you are positioning your feet and where you put your dangerous equipment down. In addition, always ensure that your workspace has an excellent lighting source.

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