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What To Ask Before You Buy Uniforms

Businesses making the move over to uniforms may think it is a quick and easy process. And while it usually is, there can be room for mistakes and lead to you overextending your budget or frustrating employees with expensive garments in incorrect fits or sizes. This applies to all sorts of workwear, ranging from FXD women’s work pants to boots, vests and even accessories.

While searching for suppliers, you may weigh factors such as the cost and styles. But there are other aspects to consider, which we explore below with three important questions.

What Are The Stock Levels Like? 

If you do not forecast a rebrand in the future, you need to look for workwear with continued availability for now and in the future. You and your employees will need ongoing availability of your select uniform garments. Damages can happen, you may hire new employees, and many other reasons why you need consistent stock levels.

Are My Uniforms Compliant? 

Depending on the nature of your business, your employees’ uniforms must comply with industry regulations. These serve to protect your employees with clothing that is appropriate for tough conditions and strenuous work. This is an important factor to consider when shopping for your team because it can be a huge waste of company funds if you buy garments that are not suitable for work.

Can I Brand My Uniforms? 

Branded uniforms can quickly convey who your employees are and what your business does. It can also project a more overall put-together look for your brand, which is important in attracting more clientele. But before purchasing your specific garments, you need to ensure that they can be branded on. Embroidery may not work on all fabrics and can just as easily deteriorate on the wrong ones. Therefore, you should always consult with us experts to avoid buying garments for uniforms that will not work for your needs.

Asking these three questions before purchasing your FXD women’s work pants, t-shirts, jackets and more can help you avoid buying mistakes. Stitchem can assist you with all your queries, stock requirements or budget. Contact us today.

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