Hard work is a common phrase in the life of a Tradie – site work, client wrangling, logistics, crew management, and the dreaded admin are only a few factors. But you also need to factor in time for socialising, family or hobbies. Unlike office workers, Tradies can’t always slip seamlessly from an office into an after-hours sundowner scenario. What could make that sundowner more feasible is the purchase of workwear jeans and a commitment to social appointments.

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Socialising, family time, and developing hobbies are important parts of an improved work-life balance that will increase your levels of happiness levels and job satisfaction.

What Is Work-life Balance?

Work-life balance has grown in importance over recent years as people see the negative effects of a poor work-life balance. Countless work surveys confirmed again and again that workers felt they were under perpetual stress from an “always-on” working culture. This is particularly prevalent for Tradies and entrepreneurs.

You may feel obliged to check every phone message constantly or answer every email before your go to bed.

This is unrealistic, and more and more wellness and business consultants are recommending a more concerted effort at getting the balance right. Here are their tips:

Smarter Admin

Every small business owner will benefit from smarter billing, invoicing, and accounting. There are bank apps and other affordable tools available to manage accounts, billing, and invoicing. Consultants recommend allocating time to implementing tools that will reduce your intensive involvement in admin – even if it means a few weeks of apologising to clients for delays.

Fun Exercise

The experts recommend exercise even if you’re a Tradie who has been lifting heavy equipment or materials all day. It doesn’t have to be eye-busting, exhausting cross-fit training, it can be playing with kids in the pool, walking in nature, or playing some social football with your mates.

It apparently will take your mind off of work and allow an important mental and physical rejuvenation.

Switch Off

This recommendation apparently can initially cause a stressful reaction from Tradies and entrepreneurs as technology (read: smartphones) are so integral to our lives.

After work, arrive at your social event or your home and switch off your phone – consider a separate work and personal phone. Keep your personal phone off during sports events, cultural events, or your kid’s sports game. This apparently helps you to psychologically switch off to.

Make appointments to meet with friends socially and switch off from work. You have smart casual workwear jeans so you can easily transition from the project to a casual celebration with friends.

It is recommended you set clear “off-hours” and create clear boundaries between work and leisure. This apparently will give you a better ability to manage stress and contributes to better sleep.

Start by making socialising easier during the weekdays. Order your workwear jeans today.

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