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The Benefits Of Uniformed Company Workwear

Company uniforms and workwear are not just about marketing, and commuting staff being brand advocates. They can improve staff well-being and boost morale.

Branded uniforms automatically create a sense of belonging and can instil a feeling of camaraderie within the workplace, be it an office or at an outdoor site.

Brand Pride

To buy into the process, it is best to get your entire team involved. Get their feedback on what sorts of workwear makes them comfortable and productive. This is an HR exercise and should generate a favourable opinion of the workwear.

It has been proven time and time again that when staff look and feel the part, they feel more accountable and have increased pride in their work and in the brand. It is uplifting to be part of a brand that takes pride in the appearance of their team.


Having a well thought out company uniform policy utilises correct workwear to allow your team to carry out their work safely and effectively.

The cost of staff personally supplying smart and professional-looking outfits every day can take up huge amounts of their budget and their free time.

Having uniformed workwear additionally helps dilute any unnecessary hierarchy, showing everyone is valued and an important part of the same team. Another dilution is of personal wealth – all members are equal.

A uniform does not have to be monotonous, and staff can be offered varieties of workwear pants like FXD work pants, shorts, polos, business shirts – the list goes on. There are plenty of advantages to implementing company uniforms.

Dress For Success

What a great phrase “dress for success” for your brand presence to be effective this is something that will need to be considered.

A set uniform does not have to be formal. Branding workwear can create a lovely range of practical outdoor wear and formal office wear – the work should define the workwear as well as the brand. Suits make up for only about 10% of workwear nowadays.

An embroidered polo shirt with FXD pants would suit housekeeping staff, delivery staff or salesroom floor staff depending on your brand or industry.

For some industries, it is very advantageous to create clear boundaries between work and social, and a predetermined uniform can help this. There is greater success with brand-appropriate behaviour when uniforms are introduced.

Security, Health & Safety

The ability to identify the staff in emergency situations is critical, and a uniform delivers this effectively. On the other end of the spectrum, visibility to clients is precious to clients. Security teams also find it extremely helpful to have staff clearly demarcated separately from customers or visitors.

From another safety point of view, there are safety features that are built into some uniforms (like steel toe caps) which are essential ethically and legally for the building industry, for example. Knowing you are safely equipped frees up your mind to focus on the job at hand.

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