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Stop Your Feet From Being A Pain!

If it’s a pain being on your feet, there’s a good chance your work boots are the culprits. Here are some tips for getting the perfect combo of maximum comfort and maximum protection.

Starting At The Beginning

If you have bought a quick-fix, cheaper boot, then it probably won’t have arch support. Do you know that the live-load impact on your feet every day equals the total weight of a cement truck – when it’s fully laden? Your poor arches need firm support, especially if flat feet or arthritis are a factor.

If you are not ready to buy a new boot, an interim measure could be adding arch support insoles. Boots should bend at the ball of the foot and will only bend at the arch area if there is poor support in the area.

Don’t rush the purchase of your boots. Instead, try different fits until you get the right one. For example, avoid a short or narrow fit and avoid a too big fit as it will allow too much movement, which causes blisters and sore spots. Also, invest in top-quality, appropriate socks.

We recommend the Blundstone 990 slip-on boot for an easy fit and a great inner sole. Their soft polyurethane Comfort Arch footbed has a full-length foam cushion on top, all enclosed in a long-wearing mesh outer. The airflow, moisture-wicking system reduces foot sweat issues, and the XRD® Extreme Impact Protection pad protects the ball of the foot.

How To Get The Fit And The Sock Right

When trying on new boots, take your work socks with you and wear them for the fitting. Socks made from polyester or wool/synthetic blends will keep the comfort levels longer versus cotton socks which flatten out quickly. Also, socks with added cushioning on the bottom get a big thumbs up.

When the boot is on, push forward until your toes reach the end of the toe cap. Next, move your knee forward until it is over your toes and try to insert your index finger into the gap between your heel and the back of the shoe. The width of your index finger should fit behind each foot.

If you have a lace-up boot, like the Blundstone 318 lace-with-zip boot, then use the laces to stop a forward movement of your foot but don’t put pressure on the bundle of nerves positioned on the top of your foot. Here is a video to show a lacing technique that helps avoid pressure points.


To stop your feet from being a pain at work, choose quality work Blundstone boots. Look for strong arch support, use work-appropriate socks with added cushioning, fit new boots at the end of the day and learn to tie laces in a way that suits your feet.

Get the best quality Blundstone boots in Sydney today. Contact our team of workwear specialists with all your questions and get your full workwear needs sorted out quickly.

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