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Creating A Uniformed Workwear Policy: Our Recommendation

Every company needs a dress code as it is a set of guidelines to make it clear to your team to know what is appropriate to wear to work. Even if “appropriate” means jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, the limitation could be no torn jeans, no jean shorts or vulgar words printed on them and so on.

A dress code also ensures your team is presenting themselves and your beloved brand correctly in meetings and interactions with clients and customers. What better way to implement a uniformed dress code than to purchase FXD workwear for your workforce?

FXD stands for “Function By Design” and that about sums it up. Whether you work in construction, retail or any industry around, FXD workwear is a great dress code solution. A manufacturer in Australia, this company provides a core range of products with terrific designs and practical features for the hard-working tradie. From work pants, shorts, shirts and boots, we stock all FXD products at the most competitive prices.

Along with our FXD workwear recommendation, we have come up with a short example to serve as a guide for your company’s dress code announcement to employees followed by tips and recommendations for a professional work environment.

Dress Code Policy Template


The Stitchem dress code policy is laid out to help us all be consistent and professional in our appearance to our customers and colleagues. Our appearance is a reflection of our valuable brand and of you personally. We aim to ensure that an appearance of positivity is sustained and that, at no stage, is our appearance and clothing offensive to customers, colleagues or contractors.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply?

The Stitchem dress code policy varies per job posts. This dress code applies to [which positions this applies to].

Stitchem Dress Code Policy for [position this applies to]:

  • Our employee team members are expected to dress in [casual, business casual, smart casual, business] attire unless the day’s tasks require otherwise. The tasks appropriate company approved attire can be then selected.
  • A clean, professional appearance is expected of all employees at all times. All levels of the team are expected to be well-groomed and wear clean clothing, free of holes, tears, or other signs of wear.
  • No clothing or accessories with offensive or inappropriate designs or stamps will be allowed.
  • No clothing should not be too revealing in any form or position. This is at management discretion.
  • Clothing and grooming styles dictated by religion or ethnicity are exempt.

Dress Code Violations

Should a team member violate the dress code, managers or supervisor are expected to guide the employees when they are. The team member will be expected to correct the issue immediately. Should this require the team member to leave work, this is permitted, and a return time must be agreed.

Should there be ongoing violations, this will result in disciplinary action being taken up to and including termination (the last resort). To avoid the headache of disciplinary hearings and lengthy meeting about workplace dress code, check out our selection of FXD Workwear.

For a variety of standard and customised workwear dress code options for your company contact StitchEm today.

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