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Choosing The Right Safety Boots And Work Boots For Your Sydney Projects

When choosing workplace boots in Sydney, it is much easier today with contemporary manufacturers like Blundstone Footwear making boots that deliver style, comfort, and innovation.

What could make it difficult, however, is the fact that there are so many great options! So here is a quick guide to choosing the right safety boots for those hard-working feet.

First Steps First

When considering the correct safety boot, the first thing you need to do is list your needs and your job’s specific needs. Consider the potential risks? Are there falling objects, sharp surfaces, protruding pieces of metal, chemicals hazards, or electrical risks?

If we look at the needs of a sparky, for example, they will need different footwear from a builder, welder, or chemical factory engineer. For example, an electrician would look for an electrical resistant (EH) sole, but a welder would look for a sole resistant to temperatures up to 300°C.


Next, you must ensure that what the manufacturer says is, in fact, true. Your safety footwear must meet Australian safety standard AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 standards and will have the certification logo on or inside the boot. To meet these standards, they will have, amongst other things, reinforced toe caps, extra-strength thread, tested leather, tested laces, and even tested hooks, eyelets, and linings.


Of course, you have to give your comfort tick of approval as well. Try the boots on and do the toe wiggle test. Is there space within the toe cap area of the shoes to allow a good toe wiggle? Your toes must not come into contact with the toe cap when in a resting position.

A good FXD boot should immediately feel comfortable when you put it on, and wear your work socks for the fitting. Does the sole have defined special comfort features, is it flexible, and does it have a wide grip base to the floor? Walk around the store on a hard surface, not a carpet.

Specific Safety

A toe cap with a metatarsal guard will shield the front of the foot from falling objects, and a mid-sole penetration protection feature will protect your feet from sharp objects or glass.

Moisture is another factor that is common on building sites from weather or the nature of the work. Constantly wet feet result in infections and blisters and make for a very unpleasant day on site. Weatherproof or water-resistant boots are a must if you suspect regular water on site. A premium, full-grain leather upper is your first line of defence, and a waterproofing membrane lining can also be included in the boot.

Your work might require your boots to resist mineral oils, acids, or chemicals. If you are unsure of the suitability, ask the manufacturer or the experienced team at the retailer for their guidance.

Contact our boot specialists today about choosing the most suitable Blundstone Boots for your work in Sydney.

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