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Caring For Your Stylish FXD Workwear

Our forward-thinking Tradie customers often ask if our FXD workwear range needs special dry cleaning because of its technical, specialist fabric. In short, no, but we do have some tips to ensure the maximise the durability of this hard-working apparel.

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Washing FXD Workwear

It is not necessary to send out your FXD workwear for professional laundering. A home wash is perfect and will better preserve the durability and protective qualities of the fabric.

Any chemical properties embedded in the yarn will not be washed away if you follow the washing instructions on the label. Use regular domestic washing liquids.

For those days when you come home dripping in mud, use the hottest wash cycle permitted on the care label. It is usually a warm option, not a boiling option.

If you are ever pushed for time or working away from home, then using the dry cleaning option is also ok.

Avoiding Shrinking FXD Workwear

As we all know, fabric shrinkage differs from fabric to fabric. The FXD workwear ranges have strong resistance to shrinking, but due to their man-made technical yarn content, they can’t be boiled. Here is an extract from the FXD workwear catalogue describing the fabric for a popular pair of men’s work pants, the WP-1:

“…is made from 8.2 ounce (280gsm) tensile280™ cotton canvas with dura500™ advanced nylon and polyurethane canvas abrasion panels. dura500™ is a 500 denier nylon oxford treated with polyurethane for high tensile strength, performance durability…enhanced tear and abrasion resistance.”

The cotton canvas will survive a ninety degrees Celsius wash, but nylon and polyurethane will be damaged.

Retiring Your FXD Workwear

Yes, we know you love your FXD kit, but after many years, there comes a day when some items need to be retired. If your favourite work pants are torn, worn through or fraying, start your goodbyes. Don’t risk them catching on something or, worse, your skin being damaged.

Apparel that is fire retardant or has thermal or arc resistance should never be used when worn out.

A warm, regular home wash of your FXD workwear Clothes with air drying will keep your kit looking spanking new for years to come.

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