Buying Workwear In Sydney

As a small business owner, you are likely looking for ways to give your company a professional edge. A way to set yourself apart from competitors and establish a name that stands out with clients too. One way you can do this is by upgrading your tradies’ uniforms on the job with Bisley workwear in Sydney.

These are a few considerations to remember when shopping for your team.

Shopping For Safety 

Depending on the nature of your business, you will need safety wear that extends beyond reflective vests and hard hats. Your workwear needs to meet industry regulations, providing adequate protection to your employees. Think double-lined pants, thicker fabrics and durable garments that can withstand the pressures of being on a site daily.

Maintaining The Image

If you are shopping for your team, you need to remember that they all need to convey the same brand image to clients, business partners and even competitors. Therefore, you must shop for the same type of garments, colours and fabrics to ensure there are no gaps that may lead to confusing branding.

Focusing On The Brand 

Brand identity is just as important when choosing workwear as it is to marketing materials. You need to buy workwear for your team that matches your brand. While you can get your logo embroidered on your garments, you should keep in mind that your colours need to match your overall brand identity.

Staying Low-Cost 

While it is never advisable to buy workwear on the cheap, you should have a budget to work towards. Emphasising to employees the importance of taking care of their uniforms can go a long way in avoiding damage and even losing their garments. You can also provide them with a basic uniform that they will need to replace due to negligence on their part.

A cohesive team projects the right image, both internally and externally. But it is not as simple as buying the same garment in different sizes or looking for the cheapest workwear.

At Stitchem, we bring you the latest styles, highest quality and affordable prices. Look through our extensive range of Bisley workwear in Sydney and invest in a cohesive image for your team today.

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