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A Guide To Construction Worker Outfits

Construction sites are interesting, fast-moving and not for the faint-hearted. Like other industries with similar descriptions, there are certain protocols that usually involve apparel and equipment.

As apparel is our strength, let’s look at the worker outfit requirements like FXD women’s work pants and why they are specified.

The Construction Industry’s Position

The legislative bodies of the construction industry, globally, have spent decades trying to protect the hard-working tradies that grow the towns and cities around the world. Why? Because building projects are amongst the most dangerous places to work. In the deaths ranking, construction is number nine in the top 10. Tough industry with tough tradies and tough apparel. We’ve got you covered ‒ literally!

Protecting That Hard-Working Body

First priority, you need that hard-working body as a tradie so let’s get it covered. Believe it or not, 90% of the time you are working in a risky environment and, as you know, a lot of physical effort is needed. You need the right outfit to avoid strains, injuries and irritating discomfort. And this means from that hard-thinking head to those kilometre-clocking feet.

Calling All Comfort Seekers

The appropriate dress code not only keeps you safe but will help your concentration, enhance your performance, reduce your continued replacement of weaker clothing and reduce your fatigue.

Visibility Is Key

Your personality might be more of a wallflower, but on a building site, you need to be loud and proud. High-vis apparel is essential because you are working amongst distracted, potentially tired people whose line of sight might be obstructed by Bob The Builder strolling by. Don’t get smacked on the back of the head. Be visible!

Fewer Accidents, Faster Projects

No one likes project delays – the whole chain of people involved loses on the deal when delays happen. Material and specification errors can cause delays, but injuries do as well. You can help keep the lost days to a minimum by wearing the right apparel. Put on your work pants, steel cap shoes and protective goggles, and finish the project faster.

Can you hear the ca-ching as your next project lines up?

Protect yourself with the right gear. From FXD women’s work pants to work boots, Stichem’s got you covered. Order online today!

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