Apart from wearing proper workwear apparel, it is also important to look from head to toe. Wearing branded footwear can actually do the trick for you. In many organizations, the decision to hire you can be judged on the basis of footwear that you wear. There is footwear for every occasion, but what you need to do is to collect the best. At Stitchem, you have you an extensive range of choices. We have years of experience to sense what our new and existing clients want. You can buy footwear online in Sydney through our website. We have footwear from brands like caterpillar, KingGee footwear, Redback, Blundstone, Oliver, Aimont, Dunlop Volley, Diadora Utility, Kings and Batta.

Some of the highlighted products you can select from include Aimont ultra high, Bisley original cotton drill shirt S/sleeves, Blundstone 001, 172 stout brown premium, 330 peddle elastic sided boot, 371 brown waxy leather elastic side boot and 372 lace up boot.

Caterpillar. King Gee Footwear. Redback. Blundstone. Oliver. Aimont. Dunlop Volley. Diadora Utility. Jallatte. Mongrel. Kings. Batta.


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Bisley Original Cotton Drill Shirt S/Sleeve
Sperian P1 Cup Shape Respirator 5185
Blundstone 001
Blundstone 001 SKU: 0011
Oliver elastic sided boot pebble leather
Volleys Safety Shoes
Volleys Safety Shoes SKU: 110197671
$65.00 $59.95
Blundstone 530 Blunnies for Kids Elastic Sided boot
Redback UBBK
Redback UBBK SKU: UBBK110000
$100.00 $95.00
Redback UBOK
Redback UBOK SKU: UBOK11000
$145.00 $95.00
Blundstone 400
Blundstone 400 SKU: 4202
$110.00 $99.00
Oliver 33-620
Oliver 33-620 SKU: 33-6201
$125.00 $99.00
Redback USBBA
$95.00 $99.00
Redback USBOK
$95.00 $99.00
Aimont Ultra High
Aimont Ultra High SKU: 7AI40
Blundstone 059
Blundstone 059 SKU: 0591
$130.00 $115.00
Blundstone 063
Blundstone 063 SKU: 0631
$130.00 $115.00
Blundstone 172 Stout Brown Premium
Blundstone 200
Blundstone 200 SKU: 2001
$125.00 $115.00
Blundstone 500
Blundstone 500 SKU: 5001
$135.00 $115.00
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